Frequently Asked Questions

We reserve a limited number of new seats per month. This is to keep the quality of our service high.

You can create your account and you will automatically join the waiting list if the given month does not offer any more vacant seats.

You can choose a quarterly or a yearly plan. Our yearly plan is more popular because it is cost-effective and members generally stay with us for years to come.

Payments are processed by Stripe, hence we do not store your credit card details. We fully endorse Stripe as a highly modern payment processing system.

No. You merely pay the quarterly or yearly plan.

Memberships are automatically renewed at the end of the payment period. If you have unsubscribed, you can still log in to extend your membership.

Rhythm trades the SPY exclusively. It can either hold a long or a short position. You may need to inquire your brokerage whether you can hold short positions in shares of stock.

No. Our focus is on the SPY.

Absolutely. Please refer to the performance page.

Depending on market volatility the risk can vary from 1% to 2% of invested value per position. Recently the market has turned less volatile allowing entries with less initial risk.

The stop-loss order is always in place and gradually adjusted as the trend evolves. We send a new signal each time our stop-loss order is adjusted. This reduces risk and secures incrementally more profit.

We have these details available on our performance page.

Once you are a member, you have access to the entire website giving you insight on the current position.

Trading signals are triggered irregularly, but announced as soon as trades or order changes are made during regular trading hours.

We advise you to place the trade on the same day the signal is published to best replicate our performance. The entry and exit prices that Rhythm catched are available for your reference.

You can choose to receive instant email notifications. Log into your dashboard and adjust your Notification Settings.

A position is always accompanied with a stop-loss order. It is stated in our signal history for your reference and we will notify you of any updates.

The stop-loss order is gradually adjusted higher in an uptrend and lower in a downtrend. It allows us to incrementally secure profits as a trend evolves.

Nothing to worry about. The after-hours market is especially liquid for the SPY and you can still grab very fair prices during this time frame.

If you missed out the entire day, you may be able to catch a similar price in the days that follow our signal. We do not advise you to chase it, though, and recommend waiting for the next signal.

We usually do not recommend participating in a trend that is already ongoing. The risk to reward ratio is far too disadvantageous, so you may want to hold off until the next entry.

Keep in mind that we all have a long term horizon and other members have been in a similar situation before you.

This happens and it is nothing unusual. Please refer to the triggering levels in your dashboard to find out what price levels we are looking at. This is where we are particularly alert and can expect a new entry.

Please use the membership management in your dashboard. Your membership will remain active until the end of your payment period. We would love to hear your feedback to get a chance for improving our service.

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