Always on the right side by following trends.

What is trend following?

Trend following is a turtle trading strategy based on empirical observation that prices tend to move upwards or downwards for an extended period of time.

Traders who employ this strategy are often referred to as turtle traders. This term dates back to 1983, when Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt debated over whether they can mold untrained people into master traders. Their philosophy taught not to predict specific price levels, but instead piggyback and harness existing trends.

Did you know that Commodity Trading Advisors often employ such trend following strategies? Unfortunately these institutions do not permit individuals with little cash to invest with them. They only want so-called high net worth individuals with $1 million or more. Basically serving people who already have the money. What about us? Trend Architect is your solution to follow a turtle trading strategy in your personal account.

How We Trade Trends
1. Our system processes market prices in the background and signals a trade.
2. The trade details are sent out instantly to all active members.
3. Members replicate the trade in their brokerage account.

Automated and non-discretionary

A dynamic market requires a dynamic strategy that captures opportunity and responds to risk at the right point of time. Our trading strategy, Rhythm, signals trades for the SPY by calculating its price hotzones in multiple time frames. Hotzones are price levels at which Rhythm can trigger a signal. Position entries and exists are entirely rule-based and generally occur at major market junctures.

Rhythm initiates positions with a small initial risk of around 1% to 2% on average, and secures profits as a trend unfolds.

Professional guidance included

Our entry signals are based on proven trend following methodologies which consistently position us on the right side of the trend.

We send you a signal at significant market junctures to harness trends that are about to last weeks to months. Founder of Trend Architect, John Palatine, guides you through every trade and teaches you how to manage it.

There are two sides to everything. But only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side!

Jesse Livermore in Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Here is why clients trust Trend Architect

  No risky speculation

We do not trade exotic products such as options, futures, or warrants. With Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), you are diversified and have the flexibility to scale according to your risk profile.

  No day-trading

Our system generates only a few entry signals per year to catch the very big trends. These are the types of positions which we aim to hold for several weeks to months.

  Strict risk management

Once a position is initiated, we monitor the trade and announce regular adjustments to our stop-loss order. This means that you will secure profits incrementally as the market moves in our favor.