Consistent profits. Without stress.

Hi, I’m Matt Hagemann. I trade equity index futures for a living, and reinvest most of the proceeds in growth stocks. Before you ask me questions, please read the about page and FAQs to get a first impression of my trading. I want to avoid spending time or energy in answering the same questions over and over again.

Most traders have it all wrong when it comes to futures trading. I made the same mistakes any rookie makes in the beginning but eventually figured out how to trade profitably by riding big trends. It’s the most logical and most stress-free way to trade.

What’s Our Goal

After you have read through my trading journey and sense that my style could be a good fit, I want to help you shift your trading firmly to the Trend Architect Quadrant. In this quadrant, traders excel in objective thinking and systematic execution.

Trend Architect Quadrant

Objective Thinking.
We want to maximize visual clarity to reinforce objective thinking. I use a charting platform with split-screen view to watch multiple timeframes of the same instrument. Nothing smaller than the 4-hour in futures (ETH), or 1-hour in stocks (RTH). We want to see what the entire market sees – not arbitrary candlestick patterns in the 5-minute.
Systematic Execution.
We identify an established parabolic curve and, when prices deviate off-path, look for a reversal that would push prices back into its curve. I take opportunities seriously when they emerge because the market doesn’t offer entry opportunities abundantly. Once in, I want to be sure to hold a position for as long as a move lasts. It can last weeks, sometimes months.

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