Our partnerships last for years.

We protect and grow your wealth

Traders who sign up with us become members for years. This is because we care deeply about protecting and growing their wealth.

Our strategy has been running for 8 years straight and never failed us. Same goes for the uncompromised customer service. Our members feel it: We understand our strategy inside out and know what we are doing.

We withstood the great recession by delivering strong results during the worst financial climate since the Great Depression. Only few institutions can claim that.

Review our Performance

Thanks for the service you provide. I have been following your signals for a few months now and am beginning to realize real gains in my retirement account. It sure beats the tired old mutual fund investments.


I have been new subsciber for a few months and so far you have been on the right side.


I joined in mid-September. I continue to be very impressed with the system's results and in general with the way you run things.

A strategy invented from the ground up

Rhythm was developed by John Palatine. It follows long-term trends in the S&P 500 stock index. During the first year of testing, it has beaten all expectations with a 44% return in 2008.

Upon numerous requests, the trading signals were made available to the public in 2009 through a quarterly membership. It excelled again with buy signals to join the massive rally. Members have been up another 60%.

John still guides you through each trade until today and you retain full control over your money.

In 2008, I had one of those rare eureka moments. I scrutinized printouts of charts day and night trying to figure out universal rules. Mind that it was in the middle of the financial crisis where apparently no rules existed. But there I spotted them. The market always creates those typical patterns when a trend is about to start.

John Palatine, Founder and Chief Analyst